Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here.
— SUE MONK KIDD | The Secret Life of Bees



Kent Allison, founder of Goad Media, honed his communications skills during his years as art director of a family print company founded by his grandfather during the great depression. He then worked with two non-profits in Southern Ontario (media and young adult focus) and most recently was the art director of another international non-profit. It was during this last season that he realized if he really wanted to challenge individuals and organizations to get out of their comfort zones, he needed to get out of his own first and start Goad Media. 

Not only does Kent offer years of experience, but also his keen ability to listen to his clients’ needs, discover their unique message, and implement a plan to help engage and motivate each client’s audience into action.

The strong relationships that Kent has built with industry professionals (illustrators, designers, photographers, videographers and audio specialists) over his years of communications work means that Goad is truly is a team of experts who, when called upon, work together like a lattice to support the vine that is your company.


Your story: IMAGINE with me for a moment ...

A middle-aged man is walking up a long, well-worn pathway littered with small rocks, the kind of rocks that rich soil and heavy rains leave behind. Songbirds scatter and then return to the path as he passes. You then notice that attached to the man's side is a small, open-mouthed leather bag of seed. As he reaches the brow of the hill, you see it as he sees it: the freshly plowed field that he and his horse had prepared the evening before. What you didn’t notice was that on his way up the hill, a small hole in the bottom of his bag was spilling his precious seed onto the inhospitable path.  


You are the man. The soil represents the hearts of those you want to reach and the seeds are BIG ideas you wish to plant. The bag is the hourglass of time, and the hole is the passage from the container of dreams to the hard-packed ground of what was. The birds are thieves. They are singing songs of ... "Wait 'til tomorrow, wait, wait, wait." ... "Too risky, too risky, too risky." And the workhorse ... that's Goad Media.

We work with you to prepare the hearts of those you want to reach, so that when the rocks are removed, the soil is tilled, and the seed planted, those "big ideas" will have the best chance to grow.