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People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. Of course, that is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote - a very different thing.
— Walter H. Judd

Well, the election is now over and the people have spoken. Needless to say I was disappointed with the result but I was even more disappointed with the voter turnout (only 38% in Ward 5). With that in mind I want you to know that part of my goal between now and the next municipal election will be to raise awareness of just how important THIS level of government is in everyone's day-to-day lives. I hope we’ll ALL come to the realization that Municipal government is the ONLY level of government which can actually bring people together since provincial and federal governments primarily camp on their own partisan ideologies.

Between now and the next election you’ll still see me around … so please, stop and have a chat! (I really mean that).

All the best my CW friends!




• I support the continuation of the 2% bridge levy (phased out by 2022) to ensure that OUR rural bridges are brought up to date after years of neglect.

• I support the planning and building of more affordable housing options so our young families aren’t forced to move away, leaving them feeling isolated from the people, and community services, they love & rely on.

• I support the creation of AT LEAST one new industrial park to ensure that we do not become just another bedroom community where the tax burden rests squarely on shoulders of the residents

• I am committed to providing residents of Ward 5 with clear communication of the decisions made by council so residents can better understand how and why their tax dollars are being spent on “project x” over “project y”. Regular, clear communication with the residents is one of the top jobs of a councilor.


more About Kent & his plans as councillor of Ward 5

  • Kent has been married to his wonderful wife (Esther) for 23 years and together they have three children. They've lived in Fergus for the past 14 years.

  • Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs inevitably lead Kent to start his own media company (in 2011) with the intent of creating stories that "provoke thought" and draw people to a place of understanding of "the other". If elected Kent will speak for projects & initiatives that act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs, helping them grow their businesses in our region.

  • Kent believes that every tax dollar that the township collects needs to be held in honour, not as something that we quickly direct towards our preferred projects & initiatives but rather, we as councilors must make our decisions based on the question: “How will this expenditure affect both the farmer living on the edge of our township and the young couple living above a business downtown?” A top priority for Kent would be the opening of more industrial parks in the region to not only provide local employment opportunities but also help ease the tax burden off of residence.

  • Being raised in a family of outdoor enthusiasts has instilled in Kent a deep sense of environmental responsibility. His father stressed responsible wildlife management, water conservation and wetland preservation; he even brought Kent along on the occasional rabies bait drop to prevent the spread of the disease among wild animals. If elected to council Kent will continually advocate for the preservation of wildlife habitat and the protection of our water sources.

  • Kent is a firm believer and promoter of the Circular Economy and will seek for ways to creatively transition our community from single use mindsets and methodologies to ones that build "long-term resilience, generates business and economic opportunities, and provides environmental and societal benefits." (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

  • In his 20’s, Kent lived in a co-operative subsidized housing complex where volunteerism (within the community) was expected. It was during this season that he gained a greater appreciation for strategic community building initiatives as well as the availability of affordable housing options for ALL. If elected Kent will be an advocate for the construction of affordable housing so lower income individuals/families aren’t forced to move further and further away from our beautiful region.

  • His continued support of creative poverty alleviation projects has taken him across the globe (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Philippines) and these experiences have helped frame his views on best practices for poverty alleviation not only globally but locally as well.

  • Kent volunteered at The Door in downtown Fergus for a number of years and was also the interim chair of the steering committee for one year. If elected he desires to help develop initiatives that not only engage younger people in the political process but also help them understand their part in strategic community building.

  • Kent recognizes the value of honouring our heritage and heritage structures. He worked with Heritage Centre Wellington to create two awareness videos: one celebrating what we have saved and the other remembering what we've lost. Thankfully many of the buildings in the following video have been saved since it's creation almost eight years ago. Click HERE to watch

what’s Kent’s Heritage? click below.



"I've known Kent for over a decade. He has a real passion for our community and I trust his judgement and commitment to Centre Wellington. I've never known him to place his personal interests above the needs of the many, and it's this kind of willingness to consider the 'greater good' that so impresses me about him.”

Dr. Nicole Petrov / MD, CCFP, Resident of CW

“Bob and I have watched Kent Allison in action for over a decade. A family man with a heart for the hurting and marginalized, Kent has a listening ear and a creative mind. These attributes will make him a significant asset to Centre Wellington Council. We highly recommend Kent Allison as councillor for Centre Wellington Ward 5.”

Ruth Coghill / Author, Speaker, Radio Host
Robert Coghill / Director (former) Fergus Highland Games

“I have known Kent for the last 14 years and continually find him to be a highly creative original thinker. This allows him to find new and better solutions to the complex issues facing our community. He would be a valuable asset to our town council.”

Dr. Matthew Westendrop / MD, Resident of CW

"Having known Kent for over 10 years, he has my strong support for town council! He will serve our ward, and township with excellence." 

Dr. Dan Reilly / OBGYN, Resident of Ward 5

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Kent for the past seven years and he has always shown himself to be a person of character and integrity.  Kent is always open to hearing ALL sides of a story (whether the topic is rural or urban in nature) and I know I can rely on him to thoughtfully consider his decisions. Governments at all levels need solution finders like this.”

Russell Gammon / Interim General Manager Jersey Canada, Resident of CW

"I've known Kent for over 9 years, originally connecting with him through our work with at risk youth at The Door Youth Centre in Fergus. Both young and old find Kent approachable and easy to talk to and I greatly appreciated his calm presence on nights when tensions were high at the youth centre. Kent’s love for people from differing backgrounds and circumstances comes from a place deep within and is what motivates all he does. That love of people plus his artistry and years consulting with various organizations has proven to me that he will serve the people of Centre Wellington exceptionally well.”

Karen Bast / Director, Highlands YFC (Guelph Satellite)

“Kent has been a friend, neighbour and key resource for us over the past 9 years. My wife and I operate businesses in Centre Wellington and feel that Kent has the skills, abilities and integrity that CW needs for the key issues that matter to us; not only as residents but also business owners. He always approaches challenges with objectivity and finds simple solutions that bring clarity to even the most complex issues.”

Matt & Jenn Cole / Northstar Wealth Management • Jenn Cole Physiotherapy


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